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what are the benefits?

Single integrated web portal

Through the use of a single integrated web portal, OWL provides the ability to have all your waste collection tools in just one place, without the need for multiple interfaces, data formats and time consuming adminstration. 


Improve operational efficiency

OWL helps you to improve your operational efficiency by understanding every lift, its location and weight and therefore accurately calculate cost per collection. 


Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

OWL helps to reduce maintenance costs with predictive body/chassis servicing based on hours and counters and actual vehicle usage.


Reduce vehicle downtime

Reduce vehicle downtime with real time diagnostic alerts for chassis and body errors.


Health & Safety Compliance

Reduce Health & Safety incidents with real time alerts and event driven video evidencing


Increase revenue

Increase trade revenue with “grey lift” video evidencing.


Integration with other waste collection tools

Interface this information with route optimisation systems to maximise fleet efficiency